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What's at Stake for the LGBTQ community this Mid-term Election

Election Time is around the corner and many people are wondering, What Changes Will Take place and Who Will be Affected? Many important issues, including reproductive rights, gun control, voting rights and LGBTQ rights are at stake. We are seeing close to 300 bills targeting the LGBTQ community being introduced over two years. Bills that include restricting trans students from participating in women's sports or forbid them from using gender-affirming bathrooms. Some of them limit speech surrounding LGBTQ issues in the classroom altogether. The protection of same-sex marriages could also be at risk as well.Albert Fujii, press secretary of the Victory Fund, a nonprofit focused on helping openly LGBTQ people win elections, said One of the most important ways to stand together is to turn out in droves to vote."I think that when so many of our rights are on the ballot, you know, sitting on the sidelines really isn't a choice right now for our community," Fuji continued.

Voting this election season is crucial with everything on the line. We must go to the polls and let our voices be heard for what we need and believe in.

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