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What is Equality?

What is Equality? Maya Angelou once wrote "Equality and I will be free". It is a fact that we all have sins of our past, we all have done wrong, we all have hurt people who we shouldn't have. We all have done right by others, we have lent a helping hand, and we all have stood up for what we believe is right. But what is Equality? Is equality the fact that we live in a society where one person can do 10 times the work of his peers but receive 10 times less then his peers? Is Equality where one race receives treatment better then another? Is Equality where one Country seems to drain another country of their resources? Is Equality just a word we use to convince they are the same while knowing that they never will be nor will they ever be treated as such? I do not believe this. Equality is when everyone and I mean everyone, no matter your race, your sexual prefence, your religion, receives the same respect as the next. Equality is the result you get when you get rid of the hate, when you overcome the fear you say you have of this or that, and approach everything with the love it deserves. Equality is what we achieve when stop the selfish acts, the acts of destruction, and we continue to build, not for us now, but the future, when we realize that Unity can solve a lot of our major problems. Equality is when we Take the blinders from your vision, take the padding from your ears, and confess you've heard me crying, and admit you've seen my tears. When will we realize every Woman, Man, and Child deserves to feel the love that World should provide, the protection of Mother Earth, and strive to the greatest Being we can be.

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