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Violence against Transgender Community

Violence against the Trans community has been increasing rapidly over the recent years especially in the black and brown communities.One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. Different reports estimate that transgender survivors may experience rates of sexual assault up to 66 percent, often coupled with physical assaults or abuse. This explains that the majority of transgender individuals are living with the aftermath of trauma and the fear of possible repeat victimization. Sexual violence has been found to be even higher in some subpopulations within the transgender community, including transgender youth, transgender people of color, individuals living with disabilities, homeless individuals, and those who are involved in the sex trade. Too often are Trans people being killed because of the fear of being exposed for people not living their truth. Too often we see nothing being done about these murders happening across the country and the killers are still loose on the streets. 2021 has shattered the record of transgender homicides in a year with 45 to date most of them Black or Latin according to the Human Rights Campaign. So what is being done to keep these killings from happening????

To fight back against these attacks, here are three things you can do:

Check-in: Ask the transgender and non-binary people in your life how they are and what support they need.

Speak-up: Ask candidates for office and elected officials how they will respond to the violence against transgender people.

Support: Reach out to trans-led organizations and ask how you can be a part of the fight in your own community.

Transgender and non-binary people are a part of our country as voters, as taxpayers, as students, as parents, and as employees. Trans community cannot be erased, no matter what any administration does. Trans people face violence and discrimination in almost every aspect of life. Trans people are not a threat, deserve access to health care. and have a right to belong in this country.

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