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Pride Highlight: Walter Naegle

Walter Naegle was Bayard Rustin's partner for the last decade of Rustin's life. He is Executive Director for

The Bayard Rustin Fund Company; a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining Rustin’s vision of a more peaceful and equitable world. An accomplished photographer, he accompanied Rustin on a number of international missions, investigating the conditions of refugees and prospects for democracy in countries experiencing social change including El Salvador, Grenada, Haiti, and South Africa.

Since Rustin's death, he has worked with activists, scholars, and community groups to educate the public about Rustin's values and work. In 2013, he accepted Rustin's posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

I had the honor of meeting Mr. Walter Naegle in Chapel Hill, NC Speaking on

Bayard Rustin: Quaker Fighter for Social Justice and Democracy. He presented inspiring and insightful information about his time with Bayard Rustin and his life.

NCAPRI team meeting Walter Naegle

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