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Laurence David Kramer was an American playwright, author, film producer, public health advocate, and gay rights activist. He was born in June 25, 1935 in Bridgeport, CT during the times of the American Great Depression. Kramer enrolled at Yale College in 1953 and later graduated in 1957 with a degree in English. He served in the U.S. Army Reserve before beginning his film writing and production career. When it came to his activist, He was one of the first to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis in 1981 when the New York Times wrote about a rare type of "cancer" affecting gay men. He help led demonstrations, blocked roads during rush hour and staged "die-ins" that received alot of media attention eventually forcing the government to address the AIDS crisis and provide access to new treatment methods. Larry Kramer and ACT UP are the reason countless people are alive today, because without his relentless, merciless activism, AIDS would've continued to take the lives of many more than it does today.

Without Larry Kramer relentless activist for fighting for the resources needed for those affected by the virus, who knows what would have happened. We thank you for your service for the community.

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