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Post Covid Era-Educational Error

So, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm seriously concerned about the future of this country and the children who will inherently occupy it! In Florida and many other states, there have been so many bans and new laws impeding on the freedoms and contemporary mainstreams of #lgbtqia acceptance and the provided information regarding gender identity and the lack thereof! It's now illegal to say "GAY" now in the state of Florida. And in Texas and Kentucky, the cousins of your rapists, for cisgendered women, can sue you if you have an abortion! Not only is the state coming down on individual demographical groups and doing their best to keep it quiet, but they’re also dumbing down the information that is fed to your children in public.

This of course is nothing new but rather a cycle that has repeated itself since the dawning of a civilized society. It usually catalysts a revolution of some sort. Some domineering conquerors or valiant martyr helps steer a society into the arms of a supposed better or an evolved moral codex. A higher plane of being and living- supposedly! And as we all know or should know that it effects the people in that community and then the world. Do you all see a conquering hero or valiant martyr in this age or the near future? Someone who will stand for all races, defend civil rights, religious freedoms, blot out student debt, decrease the housing market prices, taxes, and ensure fair market pricing. At this point in America, I agree with folks in the 1 percentile bracket. I mean I wouldn't throw an airplane at nobody or lie and start a war. But the best way to fix all our capitalistic, leftist ways is to crash the market and start all over!

I mean it’s the way the government rules through its military might and sciences, as well as the private sector raking in money for campaigns but all along puppeteering the sings of the politicians and lawmakers who raise taxes or raze an entire town like a small black town in Mississippi, where every municipal officer is black, and the neighboring city wants to redistrict them and run a new highway through homes, schools and churches. This is all done through the power of voting, (see I pulled it back around! Lol), lobbying and funding. We can do all three (3) without major hedge funds and old money to support us. We can work as an educated and self-indoctrinate class of Americans.

(This is where I include the topic of the story in the story,) If we, Black people, come together like our grandmothers/fathers and great-grandmothers/fathers did during the Jim Crow oppressed south for the Civil Rights movement and the recently rallying for accountability for police murders for innocent civilian martyrs like Sandra Bland, Philando Castille, and the highly publicized slaying of George Floyd. If we lay aside egos and prejudices, there is so much we could conquer together. There is so much we can reform and reestablish for the betterment of this country and the longevity of the African Diaspora in the Americas. We can set precedence if we take time to help educate and reeducate our kids.

The authors of this government would have the likes of Obama written out of history or whitewashed through and through. We would have never made a dent in the future of American history books. Hell, we barely do now! So, it is up to us to instill pride into our kids. The right to vote, to have a voice and how to use that power. How to infuse that with some factual knowledge encourages our youth to have motive and warrant to arrest their future and deal with it how they see fit rather than giving the narrative to a group and an entity that doesn't dole out justice fairly but instead for a price. We must teach our kids common sense and books sense. I

t's imperative that we start using our phones for more than just selfies and DMs. We should set up times to YouTube certain documentaries or listen to educational podcasts. Ensure your children know how to read and have them read for at least 2 hours a day. Give them worthy material to read and absorb. Practice science projects during school breaks and summertime. Encourage outdoor activity when available. I work within the public school system, and it outrages me the number of kids aged 7-9 who cannot read and write. They don't know their address or parents' phone numbers; things I had to know by 8 years sold. Especially if they are children who go home alone or to other siblings. Children in Asia and South America are learning about water conservation, engineering, natural sustainability and world politics. Some students in my class are trying to remember if a rhombus is a dance or a geometric shape and how to spell it!

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