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NC House Committee passes bill eliminating concealed carry permit requirement

Good EveningMy ATMS, hope everyone's week is going great and is looking forward toward the weekend. Let's talk about this new bill being introduced: Concealed Carriers permit requirements being no more for the public. What does this mean you might ask,well let me explain: Under the bill, people as young as 18 would be able to carry a concealed handgun without going through the permitting process, that includes fingerprinting, training and testing, as well as checking someone’s criminal history and mental health.


This bill would allow folks themselves to determine if they’re capable of carrying a concealed weapon,”one Sheriff said, with the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. It was also mentioned that : “The sheriffs now have professionally trained staff who have difficulty determining that sometimes.” So this may not come as a shock with everything we see in the news. “I suppose it’s not necessarily that shocking because, quite frankly, the sheriffs often like to retain control of things just like they tried to retain control of the now-repealed pistol purchase permit system,” said President Valone of Grass Roots. People have expressed their opinions about this bill with some opposing it and others showing favor for different reasons. If the bill becomes law this would mean the following: no one would be require to take a concealed weapons class unless you want to carry outside of the state. A concealed weapon permit is required to travel into other states with your weapon. This bill could increase gun violence in the state if it becomes law. One sheriffs expressed that: "We have enough issues dealing with gun violence and injuries from guns now. To me, this is a step in the wrong direction."

A decision will be made in the coming weeks about this bill possibly becoming law, so stay tune for updates. Let me know your thoughts about this possible bill becoming law in the comment section below. Remember, good vibes and be kind out there....people are fighting invisible battles with life everyday.

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