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Mental Health Initiatives in the Workplace

Hello my Fellow Rustins, Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023. I would like to start of this year with a topic close to my heart: Mental Health Initiatives in the Workplace. Recently, I shared my story with my team mates about my own experience with mental health in the Workplace. Mental Health Initiatives in the Workplace are defined as providing materials, mental health information, suicide prevention,trauma, and health promotion through brochures, fact sheets, paycheck stuffers and intranet. People deal with issues all the time, some more severe than others. How we deal with those problems are important because it can affect the people around us as well as the individual experiencing the illness. Most employers agree that their mental and personal problems spill over into their professional lives and have a direct impact on their job performance. Educate and train management in recognizing the signs by providing information on mental health, a consultation and improving skills with supervising an employee with mental health issues. Most employers provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), which are confidential,short term, counseling services for employees with personal issues that affects their work performance. These programs are intended to assist employees with finding help with counseling and other services.Employers that know their people is pivotal to the success of any mental health initiative in the workplace. I personally benefited from a similar program from my workplace and it help me immensely with getting back into working.

Does your employers have mental health initiatives in place for employees who may need it????

Let us know in the comment section😊😊😊😊

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