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Depression in the gay community

Depression affects LGBTQIA+ folks at higher rate than straight and cisgender people while also being more likely than straight students to report high levels of drug use and feelings of depression. Negative attitudes and cultural stigmas put LGBTQIA+ youth at a higher risk for bullying, teasing, and physical violence than their heterosexual peers. Many parents and guardians react negatively upon learning their teens sexual orientation. This leads to may even throw them out of the house, while other LGBTQIA+ teens run away from home due to conflict or stress with their parents or guardians. Because of this, LGBTQIA+ youth are also at a greater risk for homelessness than non-LGBTQIA+ youth.

Getting help with depression is very important for LGBTQIA+ youth to have support, both in school and at home. All LGBTQIA+ people should feel comfortable and safe in environments that are socially, emotionally, and physically supportive. Parents and guardians should be willing to talk openly with teens about any problems they’re having at home or school and be watchful for signs of bullying or violence. They should be able to: talk,listen,be supportive,be proactive and stay involved in their teen’s life.

Having a strong support system is important for Gay Youth because of the challenges that come their way especially in the minorities group.

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